Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am still here, I promise! This week is fricken nuts and I am working on a really cool Glee related project I will share soon.

I will try to write something tomorrow...just know I haven't forgotten. Got some more pretty epic ficrecs too.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ficrecs for This Week

So I started reading Glee fanfics just a couple weeks ago. And I have to admit, just about every spare moment I have is reading these gems. And since there seems to be an endless supply, I do not see this stopping anytime soon. So without further ado, here are my ficrecs for the week of June 11, 2012. I figure doing this once a week with several stories at a time is easier than doing it daily.

Also please keep in mind that some of these stories are rated Mature or NC-17. I usually just skip the more racy parts anyhow but believe me, the rest is worth it! Also, they are all Klaine fics this week. They are also novella/novel size stories, so be prepared!

These Broken Wings by Crystallic Rain - Man, where do I start? This was beautiful. It is a work in progress (WIP), but it is almost done and the author is committed to finishing it. Basically without giving anything away, this is a story about Kurt in the future. He is 29 years old and just lost his husband, Alex, in the worst way possible. He and his 3-year-old son move back to Lima to put their lives backtogether. I won't give anything else away but this is EXACTLY how I picture Kurt and Blaine in the future. There are a couple original characters introduced as well, very well written. And OMG Daddy!Kurt is adorable and wonderful and gives me so many fuzzy feelings!!! I could talk about this for hours but just read it yourself!!!

Counting Stars by BlowTheCandlesOut - This is what Glee would be like if it was on HBO, and I loved it! It basically takes place just after Kurt and Blaine got together and runs the length of the summer before senior year for Kurt. This story just explained so much about Blaine's character, at least the one not explored yet on the show. It is WAY darker than Glee would EVER do, but I absolutely loved it. Nadia, an original character just cracked me up!

A Second Chance by midadlantic - Another futurefic. I can't seem to get enough of this genre! Basically Blaine is around 30 and living in Columbus as a social worker. Kurt is a famous actor in Hollywood. Their lives come crashing together again in a very heartwarming and well written story. I left this story wanting so much more of this universe. Jack is a wonderful new character and I know you will just fall in love with him! You also get to see Kurt channel his inner Mr. Schue. :) Several times in the story I had to stop cause I was laughing so much. But there is your share of angst and some racy stuff. There also might be some uncomfortable and triggery themes, what with Blaine being a social worker.

BTW sorry some of these descriptions are vague. I am trying to be very careful in not giving any spoilers. So the last rec for today is:

Dismiss Your Fears by unwritten25 - I just finished this story last night (was up till 3 am reading, it's becoming a habit now). This story actually made me cry a couple of times. It is basically an Alternate Universe (AU) story. In it, Burt Hummel actually dies from his heart attack in Grilled Cheesus. Stricken with grief, Kurt turns mute and quits Glee club. His Aunt Helen comes to take care of him and he works in her bookstore in the summer between Junior and Senior Year. As he never goes to Dalton, Blaine is introduced as a musician (still from Dalton) who gets a job at the bookstore for the summer as the entertainer. The author uses the lyrics of the song in Glee style but with great effect. The songs actually made sense being there. Like I said, there were times where there were tears streaming down my face. Lots of great cameos from the other New Direction members as well!

Ok, I think that should keep you going for now. I will come back next Wednesday to rec some more. I have a wonderful futurefic Hummelberry story which should really be a spinoff of the actual show!! Please discuss these stories if you have already read them in the comments!
Good afternoon all!

If you would indulge me for a moment, this 35 year old is going to go all fangirly....

SQUEEEE!!!!!! I just registered to meet Chris Freakin' Colfer! He is doing book signings for his book, Land of Stories, and I got a place in line! It is the last date before he heads back to Glee as Kurt. :) And as I said last time, Kurt is my absolute FAVORITE character. Sadly I have till July 29th to wait. And I will report about the entire thing right here!!!

Thanks for the indulgence. Now back to the blog.

I am going to talk about 2 things today. The first is why I love Glee so much. The second is several Fanfiction recommendations (herin called ficrecs). I think I may actually do this every post. I will talk about something Glee related (like my Sims 3 project), then share some stories that I really enjoyed. Remember this blog is still a baby, so if there is something you would like to see (all 4 of you lol), let me know and I will try to cover it.

I spent a bit of time thinking about why I actually love Glee. Most people who don't watch it think its a show about a choir, with lots of drama. As any Gleek knows, it goes WAY deeper than that. Yes, I love that it is a musical, and yes, I do love the music that it has introduced me to. However it is the characters that made me fall in love.

When I was younger, I was in the Musical/Choir clique. We weren't the bottom feeders that Glee portrays New Directions as being, but we definitely weren't on top either. Most of my life I was an outcast. When I found theater, I found a family that loved the same thing that I did, popularity be damned. Almost 20 years later, I still look at that time as one of the best in my life.

Then I see they are doing a TV show about just that thing! Each character had their issues and they were all very different. Yet they became so close because of the acceptance and love in New Directions.

This leaves me with a dilemma, though. Even though I love the fact that these people found each other in New Directions, I want to follow them beyond McKinley. I feel the show has become WAY more than the ND, and has become the characters. Will Kurt get to New York? Will Puck find his direction? What happens to Mercedes in LA? How will Sue's baby be? Will Rachel find happiness alone without Finn? (I hope so, I like Independent Rachel waaay better).  Anyhow I would love to hear your thoughts. Why do you love Glee so much? Please comment below this post.

This post is getting to be a bit long so I am going to put my ficrecs in a separate post. As usual thanks for reading, and please spread the word. I would love to have lots of people here for discussion.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ok, so here I go!

I have been wanting to publish a blog for a long time, but every time I start one, I lose interest quickly. I tried a gaming blog, a Disney blog, even a Big Brother blog; none of these kept my interest for very long. Then came Glee...

I should start by saying that I have been a fan since the pilot that aired right after the American Idol finale. In fact, my official Gleek number is 1215. I think they must be in the hundred thousands by now! So I guess I can say I was one of the original Gleeks!

Just bear with me, there is a point here. For the first three seasons, I was what you called a casual fan. I wouldn't be really considered the "general audience", but I really was not fully into the fandom either. (As an aside, I had to actually look up whether to use the word bear or bare..apparantly bear is the proper term. Otherwise I would be asking people to get naked with me. :P) I would listen to several podcasts, and lurk on various forums, but I never posted and didn't really interact with the fandom in general. I would watch Glee on Tuesday evenings (Wednesdays in season 1), then rush to the computer to see what everyone else thought of the show.

Thank goodness my boyfriend is a Gleek as well, or I wouldn't have been able to get out my thoughts and feelings...and yes my angst for my favorite characters. About halfway through the third season, I got more involved in the fandom. I would tweet fans and actors, make the odd post on my favorite forums, and got more involved in a podcast or two.

Then came the end of Season 3, which I herein dub Kurt-a-geddon. I have never been upset at a season finale like this. Hell I cried less with the series finale of Buffy! I was depressed for a couple weeks. Yes I am aware this is not healthy, don't judge me! :P

So now we are in a Glee-drought. Last year we at least had the concert tour to keep us entertained. This year, Ryan Murphy actually gave the poor dears an actual vacation. In the next few weeks, info will start to dribble in, then once Comic-Con starts the information will be flooding in. Filming for season 4 will happen shortly after.

Ok, so here is the reason for that novella. One day a couple weeks ago, I read a post that suggested I started reading fan fiction to get me through this shortage of Gleeness. So I took some recommendations of people and started reading....and reading....and reading. I should mention I am currently looking for a job in my field so I have a LOT of time on my hands.

All of a sudden, it felt like the flood gates were open. There were SO many good stories. I realized that I really loved this universe and I wanted to see these characters grow outside of the television show. There were several stories that actually made me cry, laugh, and get angry at the same time!

After several all nighters trying to finish the story I was reading at the time (just had to read a little more), I decided I wanted to write about these wonderful people. Even though writing was my passion in high school and several years later, I haven't written anything in a very long time. The last time I wrote anything of substance was when I was in college two years ago, and that was barely for fun.

So here we are! See, that wasn't too painful to read, right? My plan with this blog, at least for the summer, is to showcase some of those wonderful fan fictions and share my feelings about them. Also, I am planning on making a Glee neighborhood in Sims 3 with all the characters. This will be a long project that I just started. I will share my progress here. You will also see some fun things, like polls and links to my favorite Glee pages, or to my Gleek friends.

Once the show starts again in the fall, who knows? Now that I am elbow deep in the fandom, I am not sure what that will bring. I will definitely be discussing the show, and encourage you to chime in as well. I might even share some news about the show and actors.

Before I close, I must warn you. I am a total Klaine and Hummelberry shipper. (If you want to know more about shipping, go here.) Also, FYI Klaine is Kurt and Blaine and Hummelberry is Kurt and Rachel. So most of my posts will be featuring these characters heavily. I have other favorites of course, but I think I rambled enough so it will be for a post at another time.

Thanks for joining me and I am really excited about this! I am looking for more Glee links so please share!